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Mary L.


In the Fall of 2014, I founded Mary Elle Weddings. I am based out of the Jacksonville area in Northeast Florida, but I am more than excited to work in other areas or for destination weddings outside of the Southeast.


I have coordinated weddings in small church venues, outdoor properties, warehouses, country clubs, and even one at an upscale candy shop (yep, and it was amazing!). I am delighted to return to venues at which I have formerly worked, but I am always thrilled to manage events in new spaces!

Why Do I Need a Coordinator? 

Confessions of a Former Non-Believer

When I got married in 2014, I had been advised to hire a wedding coordinator. I had already solidified our budget and was not willing to take a second look over the numbers to make room for hiring another vendor. I thought that, since our venue was small and guest count would be less than 100, the day would run smoothly on its own. Well, fast forward to the month before our big day, it was starting to become obvious that there were a way more moving parts to the day than I anticipated. I had never been married before, so my knowledge of weddings began and ended with those to which I had been a guest. I called a former coworker who, in my memory, was a total organizational boss. She stepped right in and made sure that the set-up was executed perfectly, the vendors knew where to go, and the schedule was followed to ensure the day ran smoothly and on time. How could I have done all of that and still played my most important role as THE BRIDE?

That super hero, save-the-day service that my former coworker had performed was a thing of beauty! I wanted to be THAT for other couples. So, I became a wedding coordinator.


I started small, with only a few weddings a year, because I was still teaching high school full time. Today, I get to stay home with my two children and focus all of my career energies on coordinating and managing wedding plans for incredible couples. It is THE BEST!

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